In-Room Technology & Tables
The Ultimate Room Control

Guest Features:

  • TV Guide
  • Suggestions
  • Booking/Ordering
  • Guest Welcome Page
  • Guest Services Directory
  • Guest Satisfaction Survey
  • Communication / messaging / push notifications

Hotel Features:
This product will enhance your hotel operations. The guest experience is phenomenal and so is the increased efficiency, analytics and chances for increased revenues.

  • Languages
  • Supported OS
  • Staff Device App
  • Message Composer
  • Analytics Dashboard
  • Branding and Customization
  • Content Management System Interface
Device Choice:
You can choose between offering your customers to download the DigiJamesTM app to their own devices, offering consumer style devices or the DigiJamesTM Tablet PC.

Our product helps hospitality operators achieve 3 important goals:


  • Increase efficiency, save money!
Guest happiness
  • Guests love our product: From the moment they step into their room, their experience will be enhanced.
Green business
  • Save on resources like electricity, save the earth!

Return on Investment:
There are many ways to add up the Return on Investment (ROI) of our technology deployment.

  1. Faster service, superior service
  2. Instantaneous customer response and feedback loop
  3. Increased room service purchases
  4. Increased size of room service purchases
  5. Outside service/product referrals and advertising revenues (suggestions)
  6. Resource monitoring and conservation
  7. Positive user experience drives customer referrals
  8. Hotel infrastructure and staff operational efficiency

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