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IT Infrastructures & Technology

Loyalty Management System

Our eNclub was developed from the ground up to meet the specific needs of the hospitality industry. The core design of eNclub closely resembles the underlying concept of customer relationship management (CRM), as a result transactions and activities can be used to navigate both from and to a root member

The core product transaction set includes: Membership Record Creation, Maintenance, Management & Reporting, Loyalty Programme Management & Reporting, Integration with Website & Mass Mailing Sub System, Points Redemption Options

As with all of our systems eNclub is provided with a complete XML interface for integration with 3rd party applications and also data extraction to other desktop applications

Content Management System

Our CMS is at the heart of all websites we produce and while it features a tremendous amount of functionality, is extremely simple to use

Designed with non-technical users in mind. In use the CMS is very similar to using a standard Word Processor or Image editing application. Text can be typed or copied in to the page, formatted using bold and italics and other similar styles, and images can be inserted directly.

We also supply embedded functionality that can filter and import online data

Order Delivery & Fulfilment sub systems

The ODS provide an intuitive web-based interface to orders placed through the online shopping elements of the website

Adopting a single screen style interface orders can be listed in a variety of ways, including search on customer, product or order numbers. An order can be shown in complete detail, and where required edited or updated in respect to its current status, such as in-process or delivered

Our PCI DSS certified payment gateways seemlessly integrate with all of the ecommerce enabled websites we produce, with support for growing number of payment processors including MasterCard MIGS, Visa's CyberSource, Authorize.net and PayPal

All data contained within the ODS, with the exception of credit card detail, is fully exportable to external applications such as an accounting system, desktop application or a fully fledged CRM application

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